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We offer a range of CV writing services and provide both paper and tailored for the internet CVs. As Scientific and Technical Specialists we understand your CV and can maximise its impact for presentation to both technical and nontechnical personnel. Please email cv@lowhen.com with your requirements, current position, years of experience and number of roles and we will send you a quote, response time and arrange for a telephone interview.

CV Preparation

 CV Writing        from £325 (inc. VAT)

 This involves a telephone conversation or face to face meeting of one hour to three hoursin which a consultant interviews you to ascertain the relevant information from your career to produce your best CV and writes it for you. It would be two pages in length, possibly with another for publications and would cover:

Audience assessment - what will readers of your CV (both technical and human resources) be looking for and why,

Which of your achievements should be most prominent?

It will bring your personal selling points out from the detail,

Order your career history in the most readable style,

We can also write a Key Skills and Experience Scoring Sheet for you send to agencies if desired.

The CV will be produced within three days of the interview and sent to you via email for your approval and we will make changes to it as requested by you for up to 10 days. The final CV will be sent to you as printed on quality 100gsm paper (10 copies) and a CD featuring your CV in various formats – Word (three most recent versions), RTF, email, HTML (for website applications) and as a PDF. The CD also includes PDF documents with advice on writing cover letters, analysing adverts and interviewing tips.

 CV Critique        £47.50 (inc. VAT)

This is a 40 minute telephone assessment of your CV pointing out where it could be improved enabling you to rewrite it. It includes:

Structure of the CV,

Most effective chronology,

Highlighting your key skills,

Readability for technical and non-technical recruiters.

After you have written your new CV you can email it to us and we will proof read and make any comments returning it to you via email with any suggestions tracked in Word.

Please sign up for our career newsletter to hear news of future courses.  


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